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Dear Friends!

Each man loves his native home-place - the land where he was born, whose beauty he imbibed with his mother's milk.

Our native homeplace is Arsk District of Tatarstan.

Similar to the man, each land, settlement, district has its own face, its own historical tradition. The main pride of Arsk District is people. The people, who by their wisdom, knowledge, diligence pro-duced spiritual and material wealth. Due to their fruitful activi-ties and talent the great heritage had been accumulated which we are proud to hand down to our children and grandchildren. Noble deeds and undertakings of the fore-father sare being continued by their grandchildren and great grandchildren.

From time immemorial the Arsk Land was famous for being a center of national culture and the land of plenty. Welcome to the hospitable land of Arsk District! The territory of Arsk District had been populated since the times before new era. From the early texts it is known that in 12-13th centuries the Kazanka river basin was firmly populated by the Bulgars - forefathers of Tatar people. In the beginning of 13th century Arsk was founded as the Bulgar frontier stronghold. During the period of Kazan Khanate Arsk had been the center of administra-tive unit - the Arsk Darouga. Later Arsk witnessed numerous popular uprisings for the freedom and land, against social, national and religious oppression.

Since 1930 Arsk is the center of Arsk District of Tatarstan. Arsk District, one of the largest in Tatarstan Republic, is situated in the center of northern part of territory to the west of Kama river. Total territory of district is 1,843 sq.km, population-51,000 (Tatars - 91%, Russians - 8%). District center - worker's town Arsk situated on the picturesque bank of Kazanka river - is only 60 km from city Kazan, capital of Tatarstan, and has a railroad connection with her. Population of Arsk is more than 15,000. There are 29 rural and 1 town Soviets (counsils) of local govern-ment, 129 settlements; 39 agricul-tural formation occupy 124 thou-sand hectare of arable land.

Today Arsk District is a large-scale producer of agricultural pro-duce in Tatarstan. From time immemorial the main occupation of local countryfolk was developed agriculture. In Middle Ages in the southern part of Volga-Kama Bulgar State farming of the steppe type on chernozem prevailed, but in tills district they practiced forest farming on podzol soils. Stalled cattle-breeding developed. Tatars especially enjoyed breeding of horses, cattle, sheep and goats, hens and geese. Such by-work as wild-hive beekeeping, hunting and fishing were of a great help to countryfolk.

Today agriculture workers using advanced technologies, fertilizers and high-yielding varieties of grain crops achieve rather high results. In last year average crop capacity is 40,6 centners per hectare. Among agriculture workers there are 720 specialists, 2,700 machine-operators, 2,500 cattle-breeders. Total number of cattle is 36,900, pigs - 17,700, horses - 1000.

People of Arsk District do their best to make their common home more beautiful and rich. There are 18 enterprises of light industry, 11 repair and construc-tion organizations. Constuction industry is being developed. Brick-works of Czech design producing 25 mm bricks per year had been built. Soon all houses at Arsk District will be supplied with gas. The pace of construction and road building is very high. In 1978 at the Liepzig Fair the Arsk JSC "National Footwear" was awarded the Gold Medal. It's the only enterprise in the world that produces footwear with tradi-tional Tatar ornaments. You can-not help being delighted with the look of embroidered skull-caps and ichigy (Tatar footwear) with their original design and patterns! Each year, from time immemorial, after finishing of spring agricultu-ral work they celebrate the merry Tatar national festival Sabantouy. People gather on the green lawn where they sing, play and join in sports competitions all day from dawn till dark.

This Tatar national festival, Sabantouy, with its brigh tunfor-gettable impressions has become a traditional holiday for all people of Tatarstan.

Among places of interest the most popular are Memorial Center of the great Tatar poet G. Toukay in village N. Kyrlai, Museum-Farmstead of Toukay family in village Koushlavych, G. Toukay's bithplace, Arsk Museum of Literature and Arts. There are also a lot of museums of local lore, history and economy at the educational institutions. People keep and protect the heritage of the past. The famous Kyshkar Medrese is now being restored and the construction of Museum of folk writer M. Magdeev in vil-lage Goubourchak is in the final stage.

Arsk District is the birthplace of many outstanding persons-sons and daughters of Tatar people. And we are proud of it! Historical, cultural, political tradi-tions, connected with Tatar State and education, had been developed and strengthened for centuries in the Arsk Land.

On the Arsk soil such distin-guished Tatar scientists had grown as Gabdennasyr Koursavy, Shigaboutdin Mar j any, Shamsoutdin Koultesy... Well known are the na-mes of eminent poets and writers Gabdoullah Toukay, Makhmout Galyaou, Goumer Bashirov, Moustafa Nougman, Garif Akhounov, Rafael Toukhvatoullin,
Moukhammat Magdeev, Nail' Kasymov... Famous dramatist Galiaskar Kamal had spent his childhood in this district. The great Feodor Shalyapinin 1895 had studied in Arsk nonclassical secondary school. We are proud to be the fellow-countrymen of Heroes of the Soviet Union Valentin Yezhkov, Gany Safioullin, Gataoullah ', ^;;:^o;o.^ Salikhov, Nakip Safin; Heroes of Labour Mirbat Khastiyev, Stella Gabdrakhmanova, Daniya Galimova, Sharifullah Sagdoullin, Galimoullah Askhadoullin, ITsur Shaykhoutdinov; State. Prisewinners Agzam Khasbioullin, Garifullah Khayroullin, Edouard Abdoulkhanov, Farit Takhaviev. Such outstanding scientists as RouzaT Yousupov, Il'tazar Teregoulov, Reefat Kourbanov, Javdat Faizrakhmanov, Nikolay Baryshev, Akhmet Galiev, Insur Sadykov, Vil'dan Gimadiev, Gabdoulkhay NasybouHin, Ansar Fazoulzyanov also come from Arsk District. ^

Well-known in Tatarstan are the names of our fellow-countrymen remarkable artists Nagima Tazhdarova, Zouleykha Bogdanova, Gabdrakhman Salimov, Shamil' Akhmetzyanov, Rabiga Sybgatoullina, Aydar Faizrakhmanov, GouTzada Safioullina, Lyoutziya Khasanova, Roustem Zakirov, Gabdelfat Safin, Fardinat Fatrakhmanov... There are 100 clubs and recre-ation centers, 61 library in Arsk District and 1 cinema-theater in Arsk.
Special attention in Arsk District is being paid to education of young generation. There are 42 high and secondary schools, 64 primary schools, 61 pre- school institutions. There work 1,500 teachers and educators. After school young people can study in Arsk Pedogogical College, } Agrotechnical Lyceum, Specialized Secondary School No. 120, Arsk branch of Cooperative Technical Secondary School, Arsk social-juridical College.

Supplementary educational institu-tions - Arsk Arts School, 2 Children's Sports School, Palace^ of Schoolchildren and Palace of Young Technicians in village N. Kyner' - are the favourite centers providing communication and education for children and teenagers.
There are also educational institu-tions of new type: Tatar Gymnasia and Arsk Information Technology С entre. Guarding the public health are 2 divisional hospitals, 57 dispen-saries, 7 pharmacies, 2 rehabili-tation centres.

Trade service includes 165 shops, 66 cook-shops and bakeries, 5 markets. Dear friends!

We greet you with open heart, we are glad to meet you. Welcome to our beautiful land!

Translated by Lahtionov K. G.


"Бу дљньяда, бђлки, куп-куп эшлђр књрем.
Билгесездер, кая ташлар бу тђкъдирем;
Кая барсам, кайда торсам, нишлђсђм дђ,
Хђтеремдђ мђћге калыр туган ќирем".
Г. Тукай


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